Supported Programs

As determined by Arizona Revised Statutes, the Arizona State Land Commissioner administers several programs which serve the State of Arizona, to include those found below.




The Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) is Arizona's primary forum and oversight group for geographic information, geographic information technology issues, and coordination efforts. Learn more about the Arizona Geographic Information Council here. 



The AzGEO Clearinghouse is the central location for the sharing of GIS data in Arizona. The clearinghouse provides GIS users with links to Internet GIS services, metadata, and geospatial data downloads. Data includes GIS layers for administrative boundaries, demographic, environmental factors, hydrology, imagery, mining, natural features, transportation and more. AzGEO also allows for group collaboration and tiered data distribution. Learn more about the AzGEO Clearinghouse here. 



Statutorily authorized by A.R.S. § 37 Chapter 6, the Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCDs) serve a critical role in conserving natural resources on all land within the State of Arizona. They are the experts are conservation needs and practices in their regions and many operate education centers, which serve their respective communities. Additionally, the NRCDs are essential partners of the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD), helping to steer federal, state, and non-profit grant funding to conservation projects on State Land, keeping the land productive for grazing and agriculture. Further, they provide technical assistance to ASLD staff, assisting in land management planning, initiating educational outreach and consulting with ASLD staff on a wide variety of natural resource management issues. NRCDs are locally controlled and governed by elected Boards of Supervisors and are supported financially and administratively through the Arizona State Land Department.