Applications & Permits

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ASLD Online Applications & Permits

  Commercial Real Estate  
Assignor & Assignee Notary Pages Broker Registration Packet Commercial Lease
Certificate of Purchase Assignment Land Purchase Sublease
  Special Land Use Permit  
  Recreational Land Use  
Individual Recreational Permit Family Recreational Permit Small Group Recreational Permit
(19 People or Less)
Large Group Recreational Permit
(20 People or More)
Competitive Event Permit Special Land Use Permit
  Sovereign Land Boat Dock Lauch Ramp Permit  
  Agriculture, Grazing, Range & Rights of Way  
Agricultural Lease Grazing Lease AUM Actual Use Report
Additional AUM Grazing Application/Permit Reactivate Livestock Carrying Capacity Land Treatment Application
Place Improvement Report of Improvement Right of Entry
Right of Way Sublease or Pasture Agreement
Notice of Cancellation
Special Land Use Permit for Apiary
  Gas, Oil, Mineral & Water  
Geologic Field Operation Plan Mineral Development Report Mineral Development Report Outline
Obtain Subsurface Resources Affidavit of Required Expenditures Procedures for Posting a Certificate of Deposit
  Application to Auction Water  
  Miscellaneous Administrative  
Affidavit of Lost Certificate of Purchase Affidavit of Lost Lease Affidavit of Lost Patent
Amendment Assignment Cultural Resources Submission
  Cultural Resources Section Review
Process Report Checklist

Application and Permit Fees

Application Fees Relating to Commercial Real Estate Current Fee
Amendment for Commercial Lease - 10 years of less $500
Amendment for Commercial Lease - More than 10 years $1,000
Application for Partial Patent $1,000
Application to Purchase $2,000
Appraisal for Long-Term Leases and Land Sales Actual Cost
Certificate of Purchase - Issuance $1,000
Commercial Lease Application - New - 10 years of less $1,000
Commercial Lease Application - New - Long Term (more than 10 years) $2,000
Commercial Lease Application - Renew $1,000
Patent - Issuance $200
Sublease $200
Application Fees Relating to Recreation Land Use Current Fee
Application for Special Land Use Permit - Groups of more than 20 people and/or Competitive Events $300
Non-Commercial Sovereign Land Boat Dock/Launch Ramp Permit $100
Recreational Annual Use Permit - Family Unit (2 Adults & Children under age 18) $20
Recreational Annual Use Permit - Group (Less than 5 days, Less than 20 people) $15
Recreational Annual Use Permit - Individual $15
Application Fees Relating to Agriculture, Range & Grazing Current Fee
Agricultural or Grazing Lease Application - New (per full or partial section) $150
Agricultural or Grazing Lease Application - Renew $200
Application for Land Treatment $150
Application to Place Improvement $150
Amendment for Right of Way $100
Commercial - Wood Products $200
Incidental Use Permit $200
Right of Way - New or Renew $500
Right of Entry - New $100
Application Fees Relating to Subsurface Resources Current Fee
Geothermal $500
Mineral Exploration - New or Renew $500
Mineral Materials $500
Minerals $500
Oil & Gas - New or Renew $500
Water $500
Fees Relating to Miscellaneous Administrative Applications, Changes and Forms Current Fee
All Other Assignments $1,000
Application to Amend General $100
Certified Copies of Documents $10 + $1 per page
Complete Assignment to an entity 100% Controlled by Assignor or Family Member $500
Lease Reinstatement $300
Partial Assignment for Long-Term Commercial Lease Only - More than 10 years $2,500
Misc. Filings - Power of Attorney, Probate Documents and Divorce Documents $50
Mortgage, Deed of Trust $50 per lease
Replacement of Lost Documents $50
Returned Check $20